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The wonders of Chinese herbs in skincare

The wonders of Chinese herbs in skincare

When we look at skin health, we look at it holistically. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has honoured the sacred balance of mind, body, and emotions for centuries.

At Dermatology M, we proudly distil these ancient teachings into our brand, philosophy, and products.

All of our meticulously crafted skincare treatments include a healing, restorative blend of Chinese herbs. We design each product from start to finish, by first choosing and importing raw Chinese herbs from trusted suppliers before hand-blending the formulas at our UK premises.

Here, we shine a spotlight on our approach and how the ancient principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine differ from the modern methods of skincare in the West.

1. Herbs that treat the root cause

Modern methods examine the appearance of the skin, creating an action plan for the symptoms and current ailments.

Take acne for example.

Modern-day treatment often prescribes strong medications such as steroids or Roaccutane. While these medications can yield quick results, there are concerns about their side effects and the fact that they do not address the underlying cause. In some cases, these treatments even leave the skin more compromised than before.

In contrast, Chinese Herbal medicine teaches us that chronic skin issues like acne often indicate an imbalance within our inner state. TCM practitioners look at both the physical and energetic bodies, including the patterns of symptoms their client is experiencing.

Dr. Mazin has welcomed and treated hundreds of clients, assessing their health and emotional state through a vast range of biomarkers. Decades of success stories have led to our targeted products that restore balance and harmony to a wide variety of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and skin sensitivity.

Discover our full range of skin solutions here.

2. Herbs that stabilise emotions

TCM asks us to pay close attention to our emotions. Modern medicine has always focused on the body as a single entity. Positively, we in the West are now starting to pay more attention to how we feel. Chinese Herbal medicine, on the other hand, has been treating mind, body and spirit for centuries.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our emotions make us who we are. They guide our feelings, behaviours and how others perceive us. TCM teaches us that emotions can be both the symptom and cause of many physical and mental issues.

A core TCM belief is that negative emotions are stored within the organs. When the health of our organs is affected, a chain reaction of secondary imbalances is triggered throughout the body. For example, prolonged anger may disrupt the liver, overthinking may affect the spleen and prolonged sadness can weaken the lungs.

As the skin is the largest organ within the body, it makes perfect sense that poor emotional health impacts the condition of our complexion. We at Dermatology M embrace this worthy reminder, a resilient, healthy mind leads to resilient, healthy skin.

3. Herbs that regulate Qi

Qi is the life force that drives everything and everyone. We do not have a direct translation for Qi in the West but “energy” is a close alternative. In simple terms, a Qi deficiency can be understood as a lack of energy.

Stagnation or a deficiency of Qi frequently arises from the emotional disturbances we discussed above but also from imbalances in cold, heat, fluid and phlegm within the body. Disharmony in Qi flow is common when life gets busy or stressful. Dull skin, acne, inflammation, redness and congestion are telltale signs but can thankfully be treated calmly and efficiently by Chinese Herbal medicine.

“21st-century life can be difficult. High stress paired with poor diet causes weakened immunity and reactive skin imbalances. Our products blend the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine with modern dermatology, the results are creams that can counter the emotional distress of modern-day life. Dr. Mazin

We're here to help you love and look after your skin through Traditional Chinese Medicine + our unique, handmade herbal formulations. Explore our skincare remedies or if you have any questions, please do get in touch

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