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Spotlight On | Acne & Scarring

Spotlight On | Acne & Scarring

From oily skin and yellow spots to blackheads, pustules and eruptive cysts, acne can exert a huge impact on our mental and emotional health – especially so when it appears on our face.

While not contagious or life-threatening, acne is an incredibly uncomfortable, testing and even isolating skin tribulation.

As we mention in our ‘what causes acne?’ article, you really aren’t alone in your acne experience, no matter how extreme it may be. Indeed, the NHS reports 95% of those aged 11-30 and approximately 3% of people over 35 experience acne.

Whether occurring on the face, back or chest, those of you arriving at this blog are most surely looking for an answer…

So, what is the cure for acne?

Unfortunately, acne can’t be cured… though it can be very effectively managed. With over three decades of experience treating patients across a broad spectrum of acne symptoms, including those with acne scarring, we present here our specialised skincare recommendations for effectively alleviating and managing this condition.

Skincare treatments to relieve acne


Specially designed and formulated for skin prone to acne, cleanse morning and night with our oil-free, soap-free Honeysuckle Cleanser. Soothing and balancing, it blends Aloe Vera and Jin Yin Hua – renowned in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their respective soothing and detoxifying qualities. In addition, Jin Yin Hua contains Palmarosa and Lavender essential oils, both long-used for their antibacterial properties to help balance sebum production, unclog pores and ease inflammation.


Those prone to acne should avoid abrasive scrubs. Instead, alleviate a heightened level of dead skin cells by applying Cleanse & Clear Mask for between 15-60 minutes, two or three times a week. Containing Tea Tree and Peach Kernel oils, as well as Aloe Vera and Camphor, it refines and soothes while also preventing congestion and breakouts. In addition, apply Spot Treatment Gel to any blemishes. This on-the-spot treatment is especially effective (and, rather conveniently can also be kept on hand for minor cuts and grazes).

Soothe inflammation

Morning and evening, smooth Oil Control Moisturiser over skin. Formulated to help calm and clear breakouts, rebalance excess oil and stimulate skin cell regeneration, it blends antioxidants Sunflower Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid with Gotu Kola to alleviate inflammation while also helping aid the healing process. 


Provide overnight relief to painful breakouts with an intensely soothing hit of Night Spot Cream. This calming and rebalancing gel combines renowned herbal ingredients including Tu Da Huang, Da Huang and Liu Huang – all long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help clear the heat, toxins and itching associated most with acne symptoms.

Treat acne scars

Greatly reduce the extent of visible acne scarring by using Scar Oil as early as you notice scars forming. A formula rich in antioxidants and linoleic acid – with Safflower Oil, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E, among other actives – Qu Ba You soothes acne while helping effectively reduce scarring.

Explore our complete acne and oil control skincare collection here.

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