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Eczema myths debunked

Eczema myths debunked

Eczema is a common skin condition yet notoriously tricky to tackle. Here, we explore the facts behind this skin condition and dispel the many myths that surround it.


Myth no.1 – Eczema looks the same on everyone!

There are many forms of eczema, from the common atopic eczema to specific types like pompholyx eczema and gravitational eczema. While each type presents its own unique challenges, they all stem from a breakdown in the integrity of the skin’s barrier which then leads to an inflammatory response.

Eczema usually appears as dry, scaly, and sometimes, cracked patches of skin however the colour can differ depending on the tone of the skin. On darker complexions, it can look ashy or grey. On lighter skins, it is often a bright red. If left untreated, eczema typically progresses, getting darker, and scalier. In severe cases, it leads to painful blisters.

Explore our spotlight on the many different types of eczema to gain insights into understanding the causes and effectively treating each variation.


Myth no.2 – The only way forward is steroid treatment

While steroid creams are proven to effectively reduce inflammation, their prolonged use raises concerns. Topical steroid withdrawal syndrome, skin thinning, and rebound flare-ups are common side effects, which often leave the skin compromised or in a worse condition than before the steroid treatment.

At Dermatology M, we have never and will never use steroids. Instead, we formulate our products with powerful yet gentle Chinese herbal medicine. These ancient ingredients effectively treat the root of the issue while healing and soothing uncomfortable symptoms.

Myth no.3 – You can’t treat acne and eczema at the same time

Although it can be challenging, it is completely achievable. Striking a balance between hydration and oil control is key. We recommend opting for non-comedogenic, moisturising formulas that help to soothe breakouts and maintain skin equilibrium without exacerbating acne.

Our best-selling Anti-Acne Face Oil is the perfect ally for both acne and eczema-prone skin. 100% natural and non-greasy, this soothing blend helps clarify complexions, calm swollen skin, and minimise pores.

Myth no.4 – Eczema occurs from poor lifestyle choices, the skincare we use doesn’t matter.

It is true that the causes of eczema are multifaceted and often stem from environmental factors, dietary habits, and emotional stressors. However, recognising and avoiding harsh, inflammatory skincare ingredients is essential when protecting our skin barrier. Soaps and detergents (SLS and SLES), strong glycolic acids, colourants, fragrances and retinol are known triggers.

All of our formulas are free from SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial colour. Our founder, Dr. Mazin Al-khafaji strongly recommends a routine full of natural, high-performing formulas that hydrate the skin while minimising discomfort and irritation. By maintaining a consistent skincare routine, we can avoid unnecessary eczema flare-ups and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.

Now that we know the facts, are you wondering what the most effective eczema treatments are?

There are certain Chinese medicine super herbs that are particularly effective in healing eczema-prone skins. Some Dermatology M favourites are Gotu Kola, Indigo Naturalis, and Chinese Corktree Bark.

We blend these herbs with nourishing botanicals like Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose to create deeply calming eczema treatments.

Our best-selling eczema products Nourishing Cream – this multi-award winning, iconic pink cream, softens and soothes eczema-prone skin on the face, hands and body. Dryness and discomfort dissipate immediately.

Soothing Eczema Treatment - gentle and extremely comforting, this light ointment, rich in Japanese knotweed and calamine, eases itching, irritation and discomfort on eczema-prone skin.

Eczema Fingertip Ointment – powerfully nourishing. Rich in Shea, Cocoa Butter and antibacterial Bai Ji, this ointment swiftly heals and replenishes fingertip eczema.

Our range of meticulously crafted gels, creams, and ointments are tailored to address each type of eczema. You can also rest assured that each product has undergone rigorous testing. Our entire eczema range has been used by Dr. Mazin Al-khafaji to treat numerous eczema sufferers at our Avicenna clinic. Check out the full product line-up here.

We hope to empower individuals to navigate their eczema journey confidently. If you need support or extra information on our different eczema treatments, please do not hesitate to ask our expert team here.

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