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My skin story | Conquering psoriasis

My skin story | Conquering psoriasis

Each day, we hear about and see the difference our specialist topical treatments make to how your skin looks and feels.

Every story fuels our passion and practice further, especially so when we can help overcome a skin condition you’ve long suffered with...

Matt’s skin story

My psoriasis started pretty young. I was eight or nine when I first noticed it on my ankles; it soon spread throughout my joints, affecting my kneecaps and elbows. As much as it was uncomfortable, it also impacted my self-confidence. I’ve always been active, forever in shorts and t-shirts… these angry, red and itchy flare-ups were impossible for my peers to ignore.

Over the years, I tried everything the doctors suggested, from the usual over-the-counter psoriasis creams to prescribed strong topical steroids. Not one of them made any difference. I simply resolved that I’d have to live with psoriasis - no small matter for a young adult.

Fast forward another decade and my partner recommended I give Dermatology M a try, having heard about the brand over social media. As a fitness professional living with the worry and discomfort of psoriasis every day, I had nothing to lose.

I started off with E Zhu Gao, which helped from the moment I applied it, calming the itchiness and soothing the fierceness of my flare-ups. After a short time, however, my skin soon started to get aggravated again and it became clear I actually have unstable psoriasis. So, guided by the Dermatology M site advice, I ordered Bai Bi Er Hao Shui Gao. It’s soothing effects were instant and, within just a couple of weeks, skin’s soreness decreased considerably; my skin felt smoother, calmer and less abrasive. What was more impressive though was how much Bai Bi Er Hao Shui Gao reduced the discolouration of my patches of psoriasis. A big added bonus? This cream was natural.

With Bai Bi Er Hao Shui Gao making such a difference, I decided to try the Soothing Bath & Shower Oil. I’ve used regular body washes for years but have found they too often aggravate my psoriasis. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Shu Min Mu Yu You perfectly cleans and preps my skin, soothes my psoriasis and never leaves my skin feeling dry or itchy afterwards. Playing lots of sport, I occasionally have to shower twice a day, so discovering this psoriasis- and skin-friendly body wash has been a game-changer.

It’s no over-exaggeration to say that the impact of discovering Dermatology M on my everyday life, skin comfort and confidence has been huge. Now eight months down the line, my skin looks and feels in the best condition it’s been for decades. Yes, if I stop using the cream, the flare-ups return, but keeping on top of treatment, applying it after I’ve showered and tending to drier patches with Zi Cao Shui Gao has meant that, after over 20 years, I’m finally comfortable and confident in my own skin. There’s no going back.

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