Night Spot Cream

Night Spot Cream

Calming, refining and balancing, this night-time targeted treatment for combination skin helps clear pores, soothe acne or pustular Rosacea and boost skin cell renewal. Breakouts diminish and a smoother, clearer complexion emerges.

With natural actives rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterials and essential fatty acids, this specialised spot treatment blends renewing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin A and organic Tea Tree Oil with soothing Amur Cork, refining Rhubarb Extract and conditioning organic Safflower Seed Oil. Blemishes and redness clear, bacteria are controlled and skin feels fresh, comforted and conditioned.

Suitable for combination skin prone to acne, breakouts and pustular rosacea.

Dian Dao Shui Gao

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  • Product benefits

    • Soothes red, inflamed or acne-prone skin
    • Rebalances oils in combination skin
    • Helps clear acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads 
    • Helps inhibit the growth bacteria associated with blemishes and acne
    • Contains natural actives rich in natural anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterials and antioxidants