Fingertip Eczema Set


Fingertip Eczema Set

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Instantly soothing and deeply nourishing, this targeted duo delivers ideal day and night care for skin prone to painful fissuring, cracking or dry eczema on the fingertips.

Combines our expertly formulated, targeted ointment and award-winning nourishing cream.

Eczema Fingertip Ointment harnesses potent herbal actives long used for treating dry, cracked and fissured forms of eczema on the fingertips. It gets to work, targeting signs of fissuring with its deeply calming action. Nourishing Cream then adds intense soothing and nourishing benefits, for lasting moisture and protection from future ocurrence.

Suitable for skin prone to fissured, cracked or dry eczema on the fingertips.

Complimentary Nourishing Cream with orders £65+

  • What's Included

    • Eczema Fingertip Ointment
    • Nourishing Cream