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Top 4 pregnancy and postpartum skincare must-haves

Top 4 pregnancy and postpartum skincare must-haves

The elusive ‘pregnancy glow’. A promise those who are expecting look forward to, yet the reality often falls rather short. The prime culprit: hormones. From the first trimester to post-delivery, hormones run riot around our bodies, evoking extreme change to our skin’s texture, tone and appearance.

From overcoming excess oil and extreme skin sensitivity to tackling redness, stretch marks or frustratingly dry skin, we share our four favourite formulas that deliver some much-needed extra care; calming, protecting and conditioning precious pregnancy and postpartum skin.

For the face | Back to basics

Complexions commonly become more changeable and sensitive during pregnancy. The key, therefore, is to keep your skin routine simple and gentle.


Honeysuckle Cleanser is your perfect cleansing partner. Free from SLS, SLES and synthetic fragrance, its naturally derived cleansers gently yet effectively remove dirt, make up and impurities without drying out skin, leaving it soft, supple and bright.

The added bonus? Honeysuckle Cleanser is ideal for all skin types, meaning you can confidently stick to this one cleanser throughout your whole pregnancy and beyond, no matter how much your complexion may change. For those especially worried about excess skin sebum or breakouts, the organic Rose Geranium in this bestselling blend helps rebalance sebum production and restore a more harmonised complexion.

“I’m experiencing seriously bad breakouts during pregnancy and nothing was shifting them… until now. This face wash has really cleared my spots and left my skin looking fresh. I can’t recommend this more highly!” Dina, Dermatology M customer


Onto moisturiser… and, for us, one formula delivers everything pregnancy and post-partum complexions crave: Nourishing Cream. A double award-winner already, having been voted Best for Mother & Baby in the Hip & Healthy Beauty Awards 2021 and Best Skin Healing Cream in the Hip & Healthy Mother & Baby Awards 2021, this Dermatology M icon intensely soothes skin, thanks to the abundance of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and essential fatty acids in its specialised formula.

Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Bisabolol help calm areas of discomfort (even for those of you experiencing hyper-sensitivity) while organic Evening Primrose and Safflower oils deeply condition dry patches, swiftly reviving smooth, supple skin. What’s more, we designed this formula to be supremely versatile, meaning it can be used anywhere on the face or body...yes, including your newborn’s skin too.

“As a first time mum with a newborn, I don’t have the time to commit to a multi-step routine that helps me look half alive and soothes my skin. I know that just using this cream will totally transform my face. Plus, it works wonders on my little one’s dry, sore patches. I’d be lost without it.”
Hip & Healthy Editor

For the body | Condition is key

Once baby begins to grow and your skin starts to stretch, many women experience itchiness and stretch marks. Choosing soothing, nourishing formulas are therefore important to help maintain comfortable, conditioned and supple skin.


Soothing Bath & Shower Oil is ideal as an everyday body wash. Free from SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens and petrochemicals, it's gentle enough to use even on baby skin. Naturally derived cleansers clear away dirt and impurities without stripping skin, while the addition of Liquorice Root Extract and Jojoba Seed Oil helps further soothe and moisturise, leaving skin softer and brighter.

What’s more, as our sense of smell is often heightened during pregnancy, leaving us experiencing aversions even to normally pleasant aromas, we kept this formula reassuringly fragrance free. 

”I just love how gentle this is. My skin post-birth is still pretty sensitive, but I find this so soothing in my bath. What’s even better is the fact I can use it on my newborn knowing it’s so skin kind.” Kate, Dermatology M customer


Stretch marks are a very common experience for all bodies, though during pregnancy they are especially likely, as hormones soften skin fibres and leave it more prone to these narrow pinky-purple bands on the tummy, back, hips, thighs and breast areas. Our prime protector against them comes in the form of award-winning Ultra Rich Vitamin E 10% Cream, which Hip & Healthy voted Best For Stretch Marks in their Mother & Baby Awards 2021.

98% natural, fragrance free and suitable for even hyper-sensitive skin, this intense moisturiser harnesses powerfully protective Vitamin E, soothing Allantoin, ProVitamin B5 and Aloe Vera, plus organic Hemp Seed Oil – cold-pressed to preserve its benefits and efficacy. Massage it daily over cleansed skin to help boost hydration and skin elasticity, prevent the formation of stretch marks and keep skin in smooth, soft condition during and after pregnancy.


”This cream is so lovely and rich. It feels so soft on my itchy and stretched tum. I’m using it every day at the moment and, so far, don’t have stretch marks.” Dina, Dermatology M customer

Making pregnancy-safe skincare a priority

To ensure all our products are as effective as possible, we directly source every herbal active, oil and butter ourselves, before designing and producing all our formulas in our own manufacturing facility here in the UK.

All our products are suitable for healthy women during and after pregnancy when products are used topically and in line with their instructions of use. In cases of known co-existing health conditions, the suitability of our products should be consulted with a doctor. Explore our complete skin, body and scalp care collection here.

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