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Soothing Bath and Shower Oil | Sensitive Skin Saviour

Soothing Bath and Shower Oil | Sensitive Skin Saviour

Creating healing formulas from Chinese herbal actives is what we are most proud of.

Today, we shine the spotlight on our Soothing Bath & Shower Oil. This soap-free, family favourite is no exception…

Formulated to soothe even the most sensitive of skins, our naturally derived body wash and bath oil is free from soap, SLS, SLES, steroids and perfumes. This natural ingredient list ensures the gentle oil is suitable for all - even babies. Plus, being free from soapy surfactants makes it a much better option for the environment too!

Vegan, halal and cruelty-free, this comforting complex leaves skin gently cleansed and conditioned.

“My family has been using this shower oil for a while now. My daughter is prone to nappy rash, this soothes her skin and makes her baths more comfortable. I have dry skin on my legs, and this really locks in moisture. Plus my partner suffers with eczema and it really helps prevent his flare-ups”

Soap is a known irritant for skin prone to dryness, dehydration and eczema. Our unique silky oil was dermatologically designed by our founder Mazin and boasts a soap-free formulation, making it an ideal companion for hypersensitive skin.

Key Ingredients

Free from silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and artificial colour, the hero ingredients of this calming complex are Liquorice Root and Jojoba Seed Oil.

Liquorice Root is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. The glycyrrhizin found inside it helps reduce liquorice root reduces redness and irritation which makes it excellent at treating skin conditions like eczema. Liquorice Root also helps the body preserve hyaluronic acid thus allowing your skin to retain moisture for longer.

The second hero ingredient is Jojoba Seed Oil. This deeply nourishing antioxidant not only helps to soothe and moisturise the skin, but it also naturally reduces bacteria. Soothing, hydrating, protective – this oil is packed full of vitamins A, B and E.

“For any eczema sufferers, I highly recommend this shower oil. It’s SLS-free and includes ingredients which soothe and moisturise the skin. Using a shower oil always feels so much more decadent than a gel or foam and this makes for a lovely start to the day” –

Upgrade your bathing routine

To get the most from your Soothing Bath & Shower Oil, turn your washing routine into a bathing ritual. When showering, pause, turn the water off and massage a small amount of the decadent oil over wet skin. Rinse off when ready.

Alternatively, add a small amount to you or your baby's bathwater and bask.

Following your shower or bath, always remember to pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it. You will then keep the healing botanicals on the skin.

Whether showering or bathing, the end result is a calmer, brighter, softer complexion.

As with all Dermatology M products, Soothing Bath & Shower Oil is proudly made in small batches here in the UK. Learn more about this unique oil or add it to your basket by clicking on the links above.

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