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How to best care for sensitive skin

How to best care for sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin, seasonal change, pollution, allergens or exposure to certain medical or beauty ingredients can trigger an increase in dryness, tightness and irritation.

Using the right, targeted skincare is key to managing concerns, yet we know that adding new products into your daily routine can feel daunting. So we spoke to our experts for their advice on their top recommendations for caring for such delicate and reactive skin…


Their no.1 tip? Be selective with your skincare.

Choose formulas free of soap, steroids, parabens and synthetic colour or fragrance. Look for products dermatologist-designed to calm; those harnessing gentle, soothing natural extracts that restore soft, comfortable skin. We have just the solution.


The first step in your routine yet, for sensitive skin sufferers, it’s here trouble can start. Without the right cleanser, dry, tight, sore skin are common post-wash issues that then linger all day.

Honeysuckle Cleanser face wash and Soothing Bath and Shower Oil body wash are 100% free of soap and perfume - dermatologist designed by our founder, Dr Mazin, to be ideal for sensitive skin morning and evening. Their plant-based cleansers and herbal oils deeply soothe as they gently clean skin; reducing redness, removing dirt and leaving skin fresh, calm and soft.


Targeted treatments are key skin super-boosters; honing in on concerns and providing precisely what it needs. For sensitive skin, using a facial oil is a guaranteed game-changer… and our Rejuvenating Face Oil is ideal. 100% natural, it’s loaded with protective antioxidants Vitamin E, Bakuchiol, Rosehip and Hemp to powerfully calm and replenish, diminishing redness while strengthening the skin barrier to lock in moisture and comfort for longer.

For the body, we recommend award-winning Ultra Rich Vitamin E. Fragrance free and rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Hemp, it intensely nourishes and calms sensitive areas. Smooth over areas of concern post-shower and whenever you feel the need to instantly soothe, replace lost hydration and boost skin barrier resilience.


If sensitivity is triggered by cold, wind, heat or extreme dryness, ensuring your routine includes very mild, conditioning and skin-strengthening actives both helps protect from flare-ups and provides a base on which to speed-up treatment. For you, our experts’ final sensitive skin must-haves come in the form of these moisturising award-winners.

Rose Otto Face Cream is dermatologist designed for even the most hypersensitive skin. A pure pleasure to use morning and evening, its rich, 99% natural blend intensely soothes, hydrates and protects thanks to a bespoke blend of Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid, precious Rose Otto and organic Rosehip Oil.

For your body, you won’t find better than our iconic Nourishing Cream. A profoundly calming, strengthening and conditioning infusion of Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Shea Nut Butter, it works to restore barrier resilience while instantly soothing away sensitivity. Lavish over skin from top to toe for your most nourished, supple and smooth finish.

A final word from our experts…

Gradual introduction is key for such a delicate skin type. Rather than changing your whole routine right away, first try one or two products to ensure they meet your needs, then add in others to complete your daily care.

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