Brightening Peony Cream

Brightening Peony Cream

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Softening, soothing and brightening, this versatile cream for the face and body is an ideal all-round skin saviour. Richly conditioning, calming and radiance-boosting, it helps resolve a host of skin concerns to revive clear, smooth and beautifully supple skin.

Blending actives rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antibacterials and essential fatty acids, this multi-purpose moisturiser blends calming Chamomile and Bisabolol, brightening Peony Root Extract and richly conditioning organic Evening Primrose and Safflower Oils. Dry or sensitive patches are soothed, dullness or pigmentation appears clearer and brighter, and smoother, supple skin is restored.

Suitable for all skin types, including those prone to eczema or hyper-sensitivity. Ideal for dull or pigmented skin.

Zi Cao Dan Pi Shui Gao

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  • Product benefits

    • Powerfully soothes and nourishes dry, dehydrated or inflamed skin
    • Helps restore skin clarity, brightness and tone
    • Helps strengthen and protect skin against future symptoms
    • Helps improve skin tone, elasticity and suppleness
    • Contains natural actives rich in natural antioxidants, antibacterials, anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids