Brightening Face Tincture

Brightening Face Tincture

Detoxifying, brightening and nourishing, this targeted facial tincture boosts and brightens dull or hyperpigmented skin, including melasma or chloasma. Micro-regeneration of skin cells is stimulated and soft and radiant skin is restored.

With actives that are naturally high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials, this specialised formula combines soothing Redroot, Angelica and Arnebia Extracts with stimulating Dong Quai and Red Sage. Dull patches and areas of hyperpigmentation appear diminished and brighter, clarified skin is restored.

Suitable for dull or hyperpigmented skin.

Qu Ban Ding

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  • Product benefits

    • Intensely brightens and soothes
    • Helps nourish, strengthen and boost skin cell regeneration 
    • Contains natural actives rich in natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials