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The secret that makes Rose Otto so unique

The secret that makes Rose Otto so unique

Since launching our online store in 2020, Rose Otto Face Cream has enjoyed a fast rise in the ranks to one of our topmost bestsellers. Its soothing nature makes it ideal for those suffering hyper-sensitive skin or rosacea, while its deeply hydrating and skin-plumping action makes it particularly perfect for dry, mature complexions.

Here, we shine a spotlight on this prized skin perfector, showcasing how a very special blend of botanicals has made this such an important and indispensable face moisturiser in many skincare routines.

“Rose Otto Face Cream is refreshing, hydrating and softening, and smells incredible. My skin feels and looks light, smooth, healthy and bright. I’m completely in love with this product!”
Ella, Dermatology M customer

Botanical brilliance

Rose Otto Face Cream’s potent conditioning, calming and glow-bestowing benefits are thanks to its notable 99% natural line-up of premium quality botanicals.

Hand-picked by us, we chose actives rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and omega fatty acids… Bakuchiol, a botanical alternative to retinol (read all about it here), helps rejuvenate skin and stimulate cell turnover, Hyaluronic Acid intensely hydrates, Rosehip Oil moisturises, Shea Nut Butter softens and cold-pressed Safflower Seed Oil soothes, smooths and strengthens skin against external stressors. One thing that stands out to every Rose Otto Face Cream customer, however, is how its divine, delicate rose scent makes applying our face cream even more pleasurable…

“I absolutely adore the rose scent and I love the creamy texture.”
Natalie, Dermatology M customer

Hand-picked at source… for more than its pretty scent

It’s no exaggeration that the Rose Otto Essential Oil we use is of particular significance. Distilled from the petals of Rosa Damascena and hand picked at dawn when the fragrance is at its best, its perfume is most certainly prized. This isn’t, however, the reason we chose to include it.

Indeed, the pure Rose Otto Essential Oil we use is one of the most precious, highly valued (and priced) beauty ingredients in the world – and we use the highest quality certified organic oil available today at the highest allowable concentration for a leave-on cream. Sourced directly from Afghanistan in support of the PAL project to help farmers transition from poppy production to roses, it takes no less than 1,200 whole roses to distil just 1ml of essential oil, with each pot of Rose Otto Face Cream containing over seven complete roses. Each drop does, however, prove exceptionally beneficial:
  • It is a natural antibacterial, making it effective in helping purify acne-prone skin and other skin imperfections by pulling toxins out of skin’s outer layers.
  • It boosts skin’s permeability, thus helping skin better absorb the benefits and nutrients of other actives in the formula.
  • It helps stimulate collagen production, boost blood circulation and diminish free radical damage, therefore visibly improving fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin and enhancing radiance.

A beauty backbone

Quite simply, moisturiser is the backbone of our skincare routines, something those of us with normal skin know all too well. Yet our years of clinical experience demonstrated that customers with compromised skin of any sort so often steer clear of moisturisers, finding many formulas only worsen their condition.

When crafting Rose Otto Face Cream, therefore, we knew this blend needed to be different to any other. It needed to be a moisturising solution for absolutely every skin using it - even the most sensitive.

A sensitive skin saviour

Carefully formulated to be nothing other than supremely gentle, Rose Otto Face Cream goes beyond merely soothing redness and deeply replenishing dryness, to also bring the very best softening, brightening, smoothing and strengthening results to our sensitive-skin-suffering clients.

““My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts to more or less anything I put on it. I've been using Rose Otto cream every day… my skin has never felt so good AND it seems to have built a tolerance to using make-up and other products, which previously I avoided like the plague! I'm so impressed!”
Annie, Dermatology M customer

An amazing age-defyer

Rose Otto’s ability to leave skin looking and feeling firmer, softer, brighter, more supple and toned have also made it the moisturiser of choice for those experiencing signs of redness, pigmentation, dryness or dullness.

““My skin felt plump and looked refined in the morning. I also noticed my fine lines looked blurred. Overall a beautiful cream.”
Kat, Dermatology M customer

As with all our formulas, Rose Otto Face Cream is designed and produced by us here in the UK. Discover more five-star customer testimonials and purchase it here.

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