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The professional’s seal of approval | Our Practitioner Network

The professional’s seal of approval | Our Practitioner Network

At Dermatology M, we’re driven by the real skin health improvements our unique formulas impart – whether purchased on our website or prescribed through our Avicenna Clinic.

Very early in our founding days, it also became clear that practitioners outside of our own clinic desired to offer these same transformative solutions to their patients.

…And so our practitioner network was established.

Here we share a brief insight into this growing global network, their personal testimonials on why they use and recommend Dermatology M, and the unrivalled benefits our formulas offer their clients.

A movement in the making

As Mazin’s teaching extended from the London School of Chinese Herbal Medicine into Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia, so too did demand for his unique treatments. Students and practitioners undertaking his courses requested his formulas for their own patients, always reporting back remarkable results that had not been experienced with existing topicals.

Today, hundreds have passed training with Mazin and been admitted to our network, the ITCMDA (see for more information) – every one of them passionate about making a real difference to the skin health and lives of their clients using powerful, natural, results-driven skincare. 

In their words

“Dermatology M products are clinically gold in therapeutic value.”

In early 2020, we reached out to our practitioner network to better understand their views on our formulas and the experiences their patient had. Here’s what they had to say… 

Efficacy means everything

The resounding message was that our formulas work. Several practitioners even reported faster and better results compared to pharmaceutical treatments, especially on those experiencing undesirable side effects to synthetic products.

“They work, and they work for people who are usually allergic to creams. No side effects, no thinning skin, no outbreaks after stopping – just safe and effective. They are a blessing.”

“Using Dermatology M products has really changed the results in my clinic, has helped make treatments more focused and allowed my patients to have a more hands-on experience with their own treatments.” 

Quality and integrity

Product quality and integrity came a close second. Our formulas look good, feel great against skin and are reassuringly safe to use. What’s more, the precise concentrations of herbal extracts and oils chosen for each blend leave skin noticeably softer, soothed and in better health.

“Dermatology M products have helped my patients and myself deal with skin issues naturally and effectively. They have allowed my patients to get off of strong medications that were causing horrible side effects, and return their skin to its natural healthy function.”

“I'm continually amazed at the quality of the ingredients, and Mazin's commitment to finding and developing high-quality ingredients that truly are effective.”

Broad range

The breadth of our treatment range was also cited as a considerable advantage. As other brands focus perhaps on just the top two or three skin concerns, we span a whole host of conditions. The result? Even those with rare and very specialist concerns have the reassurance that they too can use natural, safe and high-performance skincare.

“Nothing else exists like these in quality or scope.”

“One of the most extensive and effective dermatology ranges ever created!”

From day one, we set about to create something unique – powerful, natural formulas underpinned by the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine; blends that protect, condition and care for your skin health. These endeavours are made all the more worthwhile when we hear of the real difference it’s making to those using it.

If you have a skin story to share, we’d love to hear it. Please leave a review on our website or tag us on social media #DermatologyM

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