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Steroid-free, skin-soothing solutions

Steroid-free, skin-soothing solutions

Around 60% of the British population suffer from skin disease at some point during their lives. Those who suffer frequent flare-ups seek a solution to soothe the irritation and soothe it quickly. Enter steroids.

For decades, western doctors have hastily prescribed topical steroids. Quick to suppress inflammation and provide instant results. At first, they seem to work wonders. Unfortunately, most of these results are brief and superficial. Steroids often worsen the original skin condition and create several other unwanted physical and psychological side effects at the same time.

What is TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)?

Steroids are prescribed to treat inflamed skin conditions as a short-term solution however as our skin adapts, many people find themselves dependent for the long term.

Unfortunately, the more we use steroids, the more reliant we become.

“Steroids stimulate an enzyme in the skin that converts the body's own naturally produced steroid (known as cortisol) into an inactive form. This means that when someone stops taking topical steroids, the body's own ability to reduce inflammation is severely compromised as the naturally produced cortisol is now ineffective.

This then creates a rebound effect where the skin condition, such as eczema or psoriasis, comes back with a vengeance. Like a forest fire, the more inflammation there is within the body, the more inflammation is activated.”
Mazin Al Khafaji, Dermatology M founder

This inflammatory chain reaction increasingly escalates the original condition, thinning the skin, lowering immunity and heightening skin sensitivity. This is Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

TSW symptoms include:

  • paper-thin skin
  • sensitivity – burning, stinging, itching skin
  • skin swelling
  • extremely dry skin
  • red skin
  • small skin bumps with a white head (pustules)
  • skin bumps/spots without a white hand (papules)
  • deep, larger skin lumps (nodules)

If you think you may be suffering from TSW, fear not. Our skin-soothing solutions can be added to your daily routine quickly and easily.

How can we help?

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been successfully treating debilitating skin conditions for centuries. Harnessing this wisdom, Dr.Mazin has handcrafted specialised, natural and steroid-free formulas that provide long-lasting relief.

“I've tried sooo many creams over the years. Steroids are a no-no for many reasons so I've been searching for a natural brand that works and now I've found it! I can stop wasting money on creams that don't deliver on their promises.”

Steroid-free solutions

Our whole range is 100% steroid-free. Our herbal antidotes treat all skin conditions plus target issues such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and many more.


For those enduring eczema, our much-loved Eczema range eases inflammation, reduces redness and keeps skin nourished. Find out more here.

“My mum suggested I try the soothing Eczema Fingertip Ointment due to the very painful broken skin on my fingertips. In the past, I’d tried medicated creams from the doctor which hadn’t worked. This is a miracle cream, my fingertips are now starting to heal and the pain has gone.”


Is your skin red and angry? We’re here to help. Our renowned Rosacea treatments calm inflamed, irritated skin without nasty, long-term side effects.

“The Rosacea Face Tincture and Rosacea Face Cream work wonders. I wish I had taken pictures. My face was covered in large red sores with my rosacea and now it's almost completely clear after only 3 weeks. Thank you so much for giving me my skin back.”


Or are you prone to psoriasis? If so, we highly recommend our bestselling Psoriasis products. These careful formulations are deeply healing, moisturise scaly patches and eliminate toxins. Learn more here.

“Over the years I have tried so many products from both my GP & from over the counter, but nothing helped. Dermatology M and in particular the Unstable Psoriasis Cream has been a game changer for me! Thank you!”


Sore acne-prone skin can really knock our confidence. If pimples, nodules and swollen skin are taking their toll, have a look at our award-winning acne range containing cooling, calming remedies that restore balance.

“I have been using Dermatology M skincare for some time now and love the results. It calms my breakouts, makes my skin look clearer and I have fewer pimples. My personal favourite is the Spot Treatment Gel, it works wonders to get rid of spots quickly!”

Get in touch

Handcrafted in small batches in the UK, our products have brought relief to thousands. If you suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema and require skincare support, please do reach out to our expert team here.

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