Indigo | A Chinese super-herb

Indigo | A Chinese super-herb

Indigo Naturalis (Indigo) is a pigment that has been revered for centuries in Chinese Medicine for its incredible, medicinal properties. Indigo, also known as “Qing Dai” amongst TCM followers, is a remarkable plant ally that stops psoriasis and eczema in its tracks.

Here we uncover what makes Indigo so exceptional at relieving inflamed, scaly skin…


The breakdown – what are the active compounds of Indigo? (and what do they do?)

There are 3 major parts of the Indigo Naturalis plant: indigo, indirubin, and tryptanthrin.

  1. Indigo - named after the super herb itself, Indigo is the vibrant compound responsible for the pigment’s signature, blue hue.
  2. Indirubin – this soothing active curbs excessive skin cell turnover making it excellent at combating psoriasis and eczema plaque formation.
  3. Tryptanthrin – a formidable foe of inflammation. Tryptanthrin decreases IL-17, a signalling molecule that triggers swelling and is exacerbated in sensitised skins.

The herb as a whole. What are the skincare benefits?

TCM practitioners praise Indigo for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties. Modern science has uncovered even more wow factors including mitochondrial and immunomodulatory support.

Indigo improves skin cell connections, which are crucial for normal skin function. These connections are often impaired in psoriasis and eczema leading to unbalanced complexions and painful flare-ups. Additionally and excitingly, Indigo decreases inflammation in a special type of white blood cell called a Neutrophil. When disrupted, Neutrophils are the primary cell type involved in psoriasis and eczema prone skins.

Dermatology M best-sellers containing pure Indigo Naturalis:

To treat Psoriasis

Softening Psoriasis Night Ointment – Apply this ointment to hands and bodies when psoriasis is dry, sore, red, itchy, or scaly. Indigo, Rhubarb, and Redroot extract work hard to calmly regenerate skin cells, reduce inflammation and leave skin balanced and nourished.

Softening Psoriasis Cream – This soothing, green cream is a best-seller for many reasons. Indigo, Amur Cork, and Skullcap root have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making it the perfect partner for psoriasis-prone skins. Versatile and comforting, it can be used on the face, hands, and body.

Rescue Psoriasis Cream - A vital step in keeping Psoriasis under control. Once Psoriasis has been treated, inflamed, sore skin may have been tackled but dry, pigmented skin is often left behind. Enriched with Indigo and antioxidants Chaulmoogra Seed and Sea Buckthorn, this multi-purpose cream brightens, nurtures, and maintains healthy skin.

It’s no over-exaggeration to say that the impact of discovering Dermatology M on my everyday life, skin comfort and confidence has been huge. Now eight months down the line, my psoriasis is soothed, and my skin feels in the best condition it’s been for decades. – Matt,Dermatology M Customer


To treat Eczema

Soothing Eczema Ointment - Targets itchy, irritated, weeping, crusted and blistered eczema. This unctuous ointment of Indigo, Beeswax and Amur Cork Extract provide deep delicious relief for sore skins.

Eczema Cream - Cooling and calming, this powerful, natural emollient of cold-pressed Safflower, Borage and Indigo reduces bacteria and irritation. Hot, inflamed, dry skin is left nourished and soothed.

I’ve had eczema all my life and Chinese herbs are the only thing that gets to the root of the problem. This cream calmed my last flare-up in 2 days. No joke. I’ve tried so many products and exclusion diets, nothing has worked. The Eczema Cream immediately cooled down and interrupted the heat, dryness, thick skin, weeping, crusting and itching cycle that eczema sufferers know all about. - Mandy, Dermatology M Customer

Our sustainable sourcing story

Our Indigo is always harvested in the autumn.

When the leaves of the Indigo plants fall to the ground, they are carefully collected and soaked in water overnight. Natural enzymes are added, the solution transforms and following an evaporation process, we are left with the pure, medicinal Indigo Naturalis. This age-old technique has been performed for centuries to unlock the healing power of Indigo.

Keen to learn more?

Crafted with care and backed by dermatology, our formulations offer a safe and highly- effective method for treating psoriasis and eczema. Should you need any further support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer help team here

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