Dan Pi Fen | Far more than a pretty flower

Dan Pi Fen | Far more than a pretty flower

What is Dan Pi Fen?

Regarded as ‘The King of Flowers’ in China, Peony has been an important part of Chinese culture for centuries and is one of the most revered botanicals in Chinese Medicine. Yet, while its ruffled pink petals brighten up every room and garden in which it is placed, it is the root bark - the Cortex Moutan - where Peony’s true qualities lie – a powdered extract we refer to as Dan Pi Fen.

The star of the show among Dan Pi Fen’s active constituents is Paeonol, a phenolic compound. The biological effects of Paeonol have been studied more than any other single compound from this herb, with its beneficial effects now believed to include reduction of cerebral infarction (a type of stroke), anti-mutagenic activity, the inhibition of anaphylactic reaction and pain relief effects. What’s more, Dan Pi Fen’s powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities also make it essential and effective for the cosmetic treatment of several skin and body concerns.

The skin and body benefits of Dan Pi Fen

Powerfully protecting | A natural antioxidant, Dan Pi Fen helps protect skin from oxidative damage induced by free radicals from UV and environmental exposure. What’s more, it is reported to help boost skin’s natural barrier function, ensuring it remains resilient.
Naturally nurturing | With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, Dan Pi Fen has long been renowned for helping soothe discomfort both in skin prone to allergic reactions and sore, overworked joints and muscles.
Restore radiance | Dan Pi Fen’s active properties are believed to help stimulate microcirculation in the skin. The result? Clarity improves, fine lines are smoothed and brighter, rejuvenated skin emerges.

Dermatology M products containing Dan Pi Fen

Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, Dan Pi Fen proves itself as a brilliant botanical that should certainly feature in both your skincare and body care routines.

Cleanse & Clear Mask
Loaded with skin-soothing and renewing natural actives, our fast-acting face mask is perfect for skin prone to breakouts, pustular rosacea and redness. Left on skin for a mere 15 minutes, it helps purify pores and calm sensitised patches, restoring a supple, refined and brighter complexion.

Overnight Brightening Moisturiser
Suitable for all skin types, but especially ideal for dull, hyper-pigmented and mature complexions, this overnight face cream is full of renewing and energising botanical extracts. Not only does it nourish and soften, but it also helps smooth fine lines and noticeably brighten skin.

Scar Oil
A specialised oil for skin prone to scars, Qu Ba You can be used on the hands, feet and body to help boost skin regeneration and support the treatment of recently formed scar tissue.

Muscle & Tendon Oil
Ideal for use after exertion or exercise, our aromatic treatment oil instantly helps revive, relax and warm inflamed or aching muscles and tendons, easing discomfort while leaving skin feel beautifully supple and smooth.

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